We believe that if you give your time to volunteer, you should get something back in return. We will work with you to find the volunteering most suited to you and arrange training, personal development or help of your choosing, in return.

All of our volunteers will need to have a DBS check, which will be arranged by the school.

All out of pocket volunteer expenses (travel) will be reimbursed.

We have four main areas for volunteers:

School Experience:
Responsibilities – Help in the classroom. Read with our children, help with school trips, otherwise support the classroom teacher and TA.
Requirements – You will need to be able to give either a morning or an afternoon a week, consistently. You will need to complete an induction in school, as well have a returned DBS check. You will need to be able to speak and read basic english.
Rewards – This provides valuable work experience for anyone who wishes to work in schools, with children or start a college/university course relating to education. This benefits our children in increasing their reading time and enjoyment.

Adult Education:
Responsibilities – Support ESOL and other adult learning classes, helping with reading and writing. 
Requirements – Fluent English speaking and reading.
Rewards – Experience working with adults, increase confidence.

Good Neighbours:
Responsibilities – Be paired with another member of the community, build a plan for how you can each be of help or support to each other, e.g if you have a common language other than English. 
Requirements – You must be prepared to take your Good Neighbour role seriously. You must be consistent, and honest with your time commitments.
Rewards – Helps build confidence and social skills for you and your neighbour. Provides a network of support for you, while you help others. 

Steering Committee:
Responsibilities – Attend a meeting every half-term (once every six weeks) to discuss the Reach Out Project. Provide ideas on which activities are working and not working.
Requirements – Fluent English speaking, able to commit to the meeting times, willing to offer ideas. Willing to work towards the Reach Out Projects aims and objectives.
Rewards – You will help decide how the project is run and what it includes. Gain experience in organisation and project planning. 

Responsibilities – Learn fundraising best practice, help provide funding for activities beyond the project.
Requirements – Willing to undertake training/workshops in fundraising.
Rewards – Demonstrable fundraising and project planning experience for CV’s and job applications.


If there is an area you would like to gain experience but is not covered above, please get in touch with us and explain what you need. We will do our best to place you with us, or somewhere else in the community.

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