As well as our local holiday activities, we try to make trips around or out of Birmingham as often as we can. These are mostly day trips to museums, parks or other attractions, but in the summer we also have a residential camping trip for families.

We always have far more people apply for trips than we can accommodate. We try to make the fairest possible allocations of places, mostly by lottery selection. If you are interested in joining us for a day trip in the school holidays, you need to contact us early. We will very rarely be able to add people to a trip at the last minute.

Have a look below to see previous trips with Reach Out.

Day Trips:

London – Feb 17
Stratford – April 17
Sutton Park – May 17
Puzzlewood – October 17
Rock Up – May, August and October 17
Cadbury World – February 18
Conkers – April and August 18
Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve – May 18 

Summer Residential:

Camping – July 17 
Camping – July 18

(All children must be accompanied by an adult on our trips. Parents or guardians of very small children (under 4’s) are always welcome, but may find that their child is too young to participate in specific activities. If you would like to join a trip but have questions, or are worried about a disability or medical condition, please contact us. We will do everything in our power to make sure you can take part.)