Swimming Club

We have arranged with Aston University to use their swimming pool on Woodcock street, on Thursdays, anytime from 12 until 3pm.

To use this facility, all you need to do is sign up to our swimming club. We will then add your name to the register at the swimming baths, and you just need to sign in and out on the day.


There are only EIGHT PLACES available. Please click here  get in touch NOW if you would like a place.

There is no charge for swimming club, but we do ask that you do not sign up if you do not intend to swim every week or as close to as possible. This is because whether you attend or not, Reach Out will still be charged.

Swimming club is free lane swimming. This means there are no lessons or instructors, you can swim for however long you wish.

Swimming club is not private. There will be other members of the public there, who may be of mixed gender.

(If you have a toddler or baby you need to bring with you, you can, however you must swim between 2pm and 3pm and there must be one adult per child.)