Pupil Parliament

The Reach Out Project is about giving our parents and others in the community a voice; about listening to their interests and needs and wishes and using our resources to meet them, where possible. Pupil Parliament, is how we give that voice to our children in school.

As part of the school curriculum, the children learn about the value of democracy. Pupil Parliament is about using that understanding and giving the children a chance to have their ideas heard.

Every year we elect Pupil Parliament Reps from Years 5 and 6, who represent the whole of key stage 2. The children bring their ideas to the Pupil Parliament Reps, who present them to the school. Where possible, these ideas are implemented in school.

But we don’t stop at listening to ideas and seeing if we can put them in place. In order to get what they are asking for, the children must agree to take a share of responsibility for their ideas. If they don’t carry out their responsibilities, nothing happens!

Pupil Parliament has been running for two years. In that time we’ve made changes, started activities and run projects, all from the children’s ideas and all with their help. Here’s what we have so far:

  1. Brand new climbing frame for the playground:

  2. More than ten different activity clubs at lunchtimes

  3. Started a playtime football rota

  4. Raised money for Children In Need

  5. Made a Refugee Awareness Video

  6. Had a big Christmas Talent Show!


Keep an eye on the Reach Out Project Blog, to see what Pupil Parliament are up to this year!