Life in the UK (Citizenship)

Thurday: 1pm – 3pm
(Start date: Thursday 27th September)


Are you studying for the UK Citizenship test? This 10 week course takes you through the five chapters of the test and helps you practice.

  • When you’re ready, we can help you book the test. (The LIUK test costs £50.00 – But there is no charge for the course)

  • Please be aware that this a ten week course. If you miss a lesson you will not cover the whole of the test content.

  • The Life In the UK test also requires a Speaking and Listening test to grant UK Citizenship. For this reason, we will do an informal assessment on day one, to ensure your English speaking and reading is at the required level.

  • We do not charge for this class. However, you will need to pay a £7 deposit for the Life in the UK test book. This will be returned to you at the end of the course, if you have attended all ten sessions.

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