Good Neighbours

“Our aim for the buddy system is to create a sense of belonging, with our school at the centre of an ever changing community, where friendship overcomes language and cultural barriers.” 

Our Good Neighbours is, first and foremost, to help people meet and make friends. Whether you’re a social butterfly who could help someone else, or you’re a little bit shy and might need a little help.

Here in Nechells we have a hugely diverse community, with many people who are newly arrived in the country, or who have been here a while but for many reasons, struggle to make friends, such as mothers of young children, who cannot bring their little ones to many events and activities.

Good Neighbours intends to help combat these problems as well as others, you might have lived here all of your life and just want to meet new people. Whoever you are, you can be part of it!

How does it work?

Step One: Fill in a profile
Get in touch with us here, and ask for information about Good Neighbours

We will send you back a “profile”, that is just some simple questions about you, for example do you speak additional languages, can you drive, do you have pre-school aged children…

Step Two: Return To Us
Send Profile back to us, completed.

Step Three: We Send Your Buddy
We will send you the name and details of your buddy and let your buddy know we’ve matched them to you.

Step Four: Is up to you! 
If you would like a meeting arranged for you, we can do that, or if you would prefer to contact this person yourself, you can do that too. The buddy system is informal, entirely at your convenience.

If you would like to sign up, or get a little bit more information, get in touch!


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