Over the finish line…

It’s been two years already. The Reach Out Project has come to an end and we are so proud of everything we have achieved together. Thank you so much to everyone who took part, in a class, as a volunteer, on the steering committee, on an activity, anything at all, it is you who made Reach Out work.

In two years…

105 people took part in adult classes

56 went on to gain qualifications.

we had 42 volunteers…

23 families joined us for our two camping adventures…

78 families took part in holiday activities…

In total, we reached more than 500 people.

Thank you and goodbye!


St Vincent’s school will be continuing a number of adult classes in the new year. You can contact the school on 01216752359, or by emailing enquiry@stvincnt.bham.sch.uk. 

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