Summer Camping 2018

We’re back from our camping trip! We had four lovely days in Croyde Bay in Devon, which we discovered has an absolutely beautiful beach and a very friendly campsite for our stay. We went walking, swimming, climbing, lots of playing, some cooking and BBQ-ing – we had a fabulous week!

If anyone has any other photos they’d like to share, or comments of the trip, please do email me at, I’ll post them here.

To all of our campers, adults, children and teens, thank you so much for a lovely four days – the camping trip would not be possible if anyone did not play their part and work as a team. You all made the trip an absolute pleasure. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Summer Camping 2018

  1. It was truly wonderful the boy’s loved every minute of it haven’t stoped talking about it and planning the next trip you worked hard and it came together wonderfully thank you 😊


  2. We had a great time,even though we never had been camping before,it’s was fantastic thank you for making it a great time,lovely place great people and plenty food x


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