Easter Holidays

Day 1 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day

We had a lovely day watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and trying out all of Charlie’s adventures ourselves!

We hunted for the Golden Tickets, visited the Chocolate Room and the Inventing Room…

We tried fizzy lifting drinks and lickable wallpaper…

We had a dejuicing race, hunted for the Golden Egg and even transported inside a TV…

And finally a chocolate egg hunt. By which time I think we had eaten our very own lifetime supply of chocolate!

Day 2 – Singing and Percussion Workshop

Songs from around the world, all kinds of percussion and my personal favourite – boom whackers!

Day 3 – Stay and Play

Day 4 – Conkers

Conkers is an indoor and outdoor adventure centre in Derbyshire. The weather was cold and grey but we didn’t let that stop us!

Parents and children both got very brave on the high ropes course, including one reception child!


And of course we had our adults only trip to Wicked at the Hippodrome theatre in Birmingham. No pictures are allowed inside the theatre, but a fantastic evening was had by our group of thirty Reach Out Participants.


If you like the sound of our holiday activities, get in touch. We run activities for all ages every holiday. You do not have to have a child at St Vincent’s to take part, just talk to us HERE or come in a say hello!

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