Cadbury World!

In some of our school holidays, we like to travel outside of the city, like last half term when we visited the Forest of Dean, or summer at Sutton Park, or Malvern. In other holidays, we like to remember that there are a lot of brilliant things to see and do right here in Birmingham. We think Cadbury World is one of those!

With the exciting tour of the history of chocolate, starting in the Aztec Empire. John Cadbury and his sons explaining their journey to their giant chocolate factory – particularly when the room shakes to show us what happens to the cocao beans!

Then there’s the chocolate mixing demonstration, the Cadabra Ride, the 4D cinema and the giant playground! The free chocolate went down quite well too…


Thank you everybody for a lovely day out. If you enjoyed that trip and want to put your name down for the next trip in the Easter holidays, or you didn’t go and think you would like to join the next one. Contact us HERE. 


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