Summer Camping!

We kicked off the summer with a four day camping trip in the beautiful Worcestershire. We took fourteen families with us, fifty seven people in total and had an absolutely lovely few days. We even got lucky with the weather. (Well, mostly!)

First things first, everybody working together to get the tents up.

With only the occasional mishap…




Onto the week…


Capture the Flag: Parents Vs Children.
We have some extremely competitive parents! By my count, the children still won every game, but I’m told my refereeing was biased!


It was fantastic to see everyone doing their bit, all of our families working together – and playing together! – and the trip would not have been possible if not for their willingness to do so. Thank you to everyone who came along, we hope for as lovely a trip next year!

1 thought on “Summer Camping!

  1. Thanks you very much I had a great day with the kids one of my best experience and I would love to go back next time thanks to st Vincent and everyone who make it happen well done


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