Half-Term Adventures!

Last week our families have been busy with activities in and around Birmingham, having lot’s of outdoor fun and keeping fit at the same time. And what a week we had for it!

For those that asked, over four days we walked somewhere in the region of 13 miles, so an extra special well done to those who were there for all four!

We visited the beautiful Sutton Park, The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and Rock Up Rock Climbing Experience at Broadway Plaza.

Reach Out trips are free of charge, but we also took care with this week to choose trips which could be easily done again by families on their own. All of the trips we took this week are low-cost or free of charge and easily accessible from both Nechells and Birmingham city centre. If you would like information on activities or travel to and from any of these, please click HERE, or CONTACT US.

Day 1 and 2 – Sutton Park

Sutton Park is a huge green space just outside of Birmingham. The park has a lot of activities, cafe’s and other attractions available but it’s best feature is just the miles and miles of open space to walk, run and play!

On day one we took a long walk from Town Gate, which is the park entrance closest to the train and has a small children’s playground and lots of space:

20170522_10093720170522_10250020170522_11093120170522_11232920170522_11233120170522_11255820170522_11394020170522_11423420170522_11425720170522_12065320170522_12070020170522_120712 (1)

…to Banner’s Gate, where there is a bigger playground. (2.4miles away)

20170522_145038 (1)20170522_145326 (1)20170522_145509 (1)

The walk itself is absolutely stunning.

20170522_134817 (1)

On day two we didn’t walk quite so far, but we did explore the woodlands, the duck ponds and found a stream to paddle in!

20170523_13085620170523_131702 (1)20170523_132052 (1)20170523_132109


We also gave tree climbing a go:


Well done Mum!

Day 3 – Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and Library of Birmingham

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is free to enter, almost all of it’s exhibitions are free and there are soft play spaces for little ones. During the summer holidays there are usually activities on for children and their parents, most are free or very low-cost.

The Library of Birmingham children’s library got all of our children signed up for library books if they weren’t already. Children can borrow ten books at a time, for four weeks and there are books available in 50 different languages. The library also runs a lot of summer activities which we will make sure to update on closer to the summer holidays, but it’s always a brilliant place to take the children for an afternoon.

Day 4 – Rock Up! Rock Climbing Experience

Rock Up is new to Birmingham. It’s a rock climbing experience for all ages, made as simple and fun as possible. You don’t need an instructor or anyone to belay – the staff will give you a safety briefing then you have an hour to climb, easy!

Our children were absolutely brilliant:


And our parents were pretty impressive too!




(Parents are currently organising an adults-only trip to Rock Up – This would be during school hours and if we get enough people, will be free of charge – If you’d like to join, please contact us here!)

Thank you to everyone who took part for making it such a lovely week.

If you didn’t come with us this time but are interested in any activities with the Reach Out Project, please contact us! There is something for everyone and we want to hear your ideas!

(To take part in Reach Out activities you must live in Nechells or the surrounding areas. You do not need to have a child in St Vincent’s.)

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